In the "humble" daily necessities, but quietly release formaldehyde, you may not know

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Many people have no decoration but there is formaldehyde problem, in fact, it has a direct relationship with the formaldehyde carried on their own household goods. Especially the following two "not eye-catching" daily necessities, every day quietly release formaldehyde, you may not know.


1: Wooden wardrobe

In fact, many furniture on the market is not made of pure solid wood, but some low-cost artificial wood is used instead. This kind of board itself needs a lot of glue and waste wood to synthesize, so formaldehyde pollution is quite a lot in it. Therefore, the wardrobe made of this kind of board will naturally carry a lot of formaldehyde, even ten years of volatile, the hidden danger is great.


2: Curtains

I think many people will feel incredible when they hear that curtains will release formaldehyde. In fact, in order to ensure the colorability and wrinkle resistance of the fabric, the manufacturers of such fabric products will also add formaldehyde in the process of processing, so we should be careful to be better.

So, how to solve the problem of excessive formaldehyde in the room? Don't worry. You can try these effective ways:

Method 1:

This is a high-tech formaldehyde removal material, its "new" mainly reflected in the function of the perfect, the people who used it say good. There are many micropores inside it which can absorb formaldehyde, and the adsorption capacity is very large. Moreover, it will not be restricted by saturation problem. There are also photocatalyst and other decomposition materials in it. So the whole process of dealdehyde is in dynamic cycle, and it will be OK for about 5 years!

Method 2: green plants

Keeping a few pots of plants at home can not only improve the air quality, but also play a role of decoration and beautification. Among them, such as tiger tail orchid, cyclamen, aloe and other plants, they have a certain ability to remove aldehydes. Only the removal of aldehydes in plants is generally weak, so it should be used together with other methods.

Method 3: ventilation

Because this method is easy to implement and does not need any cost, it is loved by many people. As long as the wind speed is awesome, we can open the doors and windows to send formaldehyde out, and it works very fast. However, ventilation does not work for formaldehyde that has not been released into the air. Considering that formaldehyde has been volatile for more than ten years, it is recommended to use it as an auxiliary method.




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